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Striped bass - the striped bass has a couple of regional names, famously known as rockfish, linesides, stripers, striped bass as well as other names, this kind of fish is highly sought after because it is a kind of recreational fish, as the commercial species and is even growing in aquaculture operations. The striped bass are incredibly difficult fish and would even take to life in freshwater where they are usually placed in the USA. They are hardy fish which are usually caught using a lot of methods. Baits and rigs for striped bass differ with their location and what the fish are eating on. In a couple of areas, the cut baits are utilized such as the bloodworms, squid, shrimps, crabs, fishes, clams and other baits. And in other instances, the anglers jig, troll or even cast artificial lures or utilize fly fishing tools.


Summer flounder - the summer flounders can be found around the inlets, channel edges or jetties. In addition, they are usually found in ocean wrecks, areas of coral or rocky bottoms as well as artificial reefs. The flounders are not born with both ones on a single side. And during their growth, the bottom eye would migrate going upward facing the side f the body. And this permits the flounder to just lie on a single side, burying in the sand where it tends to ambush its prey. The flounders would feed on a wide array of crustaceans as well as small fishes. Kindly visit Captain Mark Wright for more useful reference. 


Atlantic croaker -  the atlantic croaker is also called as hardhead and are famous saltwater fish usually found along the coast of Atlantic. They are famous to have a wild fluctuation in population. The fish obtained  its name because of the croacking noise that they usually make once they are taken away from the water. The croackers are prolific leaders as well as hard fighters. They are caught on a wide range of lures and baits. Take a look at this link for more information. 


Spot - spot take place along the Coast of Atlantic in estuarine as well as coastal waters from the gulf of Mexico going to Florida, even through they are the most flousihing from Chesapeake bay that is south to south Carolina. The spots are great to catch as well as great fish for the anglers of all ages. 


So these are just some of the things you need to take into account.